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Armas Creative is an artist-run cooperative for local and international freelancers based in Helsinki. It currently hosts 12 creatives, actors, writers, film and theatre makers.

It allows members to be part of a growing collective, invoice their work, create mutual projects and accumulate collective funds that support individual freelancers.

The members have no need to run their own company nor worry about accounting as everything is taken care of and these costs are paid from a 10% share from each invoice.

How to join?

Helsinki based freelancers from the fields of video, cinema, theatre, sound, visual arts, writing, etc. are welcome to join the cooperative.

The initial investment is 150 Euros when entering, which will be paid back, if the person decides to end the membership.

To join, send an email with an introduction of yourself to:

Any questions, please contact Sakari Laurila at:

+358 50 401 8109 – Sakari (Whatsapp).


Armas Creative is also a production company that works with visual design, video, sound and writing. 

We specialise in video and virtual scenography for theatre, soundscape design and technical implementation of performances.

In sound production we make music for projects, soundscapes and provide post production. 

We also provide video and photography services for actors, including headshot photography, About me videos, showreels, website creation and publicity.


Selection of projects by members of Armas Creative

Contact ARMAS

Helsinki, Finland

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